Mena Arkansas Old Settlers Reunion .....

From the earliest days in Polk County, residents celebrated their history and enjoyed the company of their neighbors at what was called the Old Settlers Reunion.  It was held in conjunction with the town of Mena's birthday, August 19th, each year starting with the first anniversary of the town.

Old timers dressed in period costume and many brought their collectibles and handiwork to share with visitors.  Some of the older ladies brought homespun wool, knitting needles and socks they had made from their home-grown wool and cotton.  One lady brought her spinning wheel and showed the youngsters how thread was spun from wool or cotton, and made into thread and cloth.  Others made rag rugs, quilt pieces, sun bonnets, and baskets.

The tradition continued until the late 1980s, when most of the old timers who had supported the loose-knit organization had passed on.

At noon, dinner was spread on old wooden tables and coffee was served from a large, black wash pot.  Lemonade and tea was available, but old timers were used to drinking black coffee with their meals.  Of course, the natural spring in Janssen Park, where the event was held, always had a good supply of clean, clear water.

Viller & John Howell

Were a couple of favorites at the Old Settlers Reunions for many years and everyone enjoyed Viller's wonderful homemade chicken 'n dumplings.

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